Welcome to The Natural Cabinet Company

The heart of the home is the kitchen, and people often spend thousands on a new one.  Yet if you open a beautiful door, you’ll probably still find chipboard, or MFC, inside. Even many of the high end “wooden” kitchens on the market still use MFC boxes and cheap components to hold everything together. So their beauty is only skin deep.


We believe you and your kitchen deserve better.  Every part of our cabinets have been thoughtfully designed with quality in mind.  Wooden doors and high quality cabinet hardware are matched with sustainable birch plywood boxes, beautifully finished in fine wood veneer.  We’ve invested time and energy into sourcing the best possible components to make our cabinets.  We combine the craftsmanship of hand-assembly with modern efficiency in innovative manufacturing and supply systems.  This means top quality at affordable prices.


No two kitchens are alike, so why should you try to make your kitchen fit the cabinets?  As every one of our cabinets is made to order, you don’t pay more to choose your own size and finish. And because we make everything to order, we don’t have to house stock in expensive warehouses.  We don’t have glossy showrooms with sales staff, or pricey design fees added on, so you get best possible, affordable products, with no compromise in quality, service or finish.

Highest quality. Affordable prices. Personal care and attention.  You’ll never want a kitchen from anywhere else!